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If you are a supplier of goods or services, whether in a business to business or business to consumer environment , you need to ensure that your terms and conditions protect your business, comply with current legislation, and are tailored to the sales and contracting processes used by your business.

Equally, purchasers of goods and services as often presented with standard terms of sale that are drafted entirely from a supplier’s point of view. Our team can draft these from a purchaser’s perspective or review and negotiate amendments to such terms from a supplier’s perspective to achieve a balanced agreement that divides the risk between the parties fairly.

Gorvins Approach to Terms of Sale and Terms of Business

The Commercial team at Gorvins has considerable experience in drafting and negotiating practical and bespoke terms and conditions for SME’s and large corporations operating in a wide variety of industries, including the manufacturing sector, service industry and IT sector.

When reviewing the terms and conditions of your business it is very important to ensure that it is your terms and conditions that will apply to the contract and that the other party’s terms and conditions do not take precedence. Our team will provide practical advice by reviewing your processes to ensure that your terms and conditions will apply in your contracts whether that be with customers or suppliers, and we can even sit down and carry out training with your accounts or purchasing or contracting teams.

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