Gorvins Approach to Debt Recovery

The specialist team at Gorvins have the expertise needed to support your business in pursuit of the debts owed to you. Unlike debt collection agencies, who provide a service, we act as a commercial extension to your business and build an ongoing relationship with you to provide cost-effective support over time. Gaining an understanding of your business from the start is what sets Gorvins apart from the rest.

Our service is tailored specifically to each client’s needs which can include:

  • Letter before action (including late payment interest and compensation)
  • Issuing proceedings
  • Judgements
  • High court enforcement
  • Bailiffs
  • Third party debt orders
  • Statutory demands
  • Winding up petitions
  • Bankruptcy petitions

In most cases we begin proceedings by issuing a letter before action which is intended to advise the debtor that if the debt is not settled, you will be forced to take further action to recover the monies owed. Depending on the response, this will determine any further action that needs to be taken.

In debt recovery we always strive to keep costs as low as possible for you and your business and in most instances will recover all our costs from the debtor along with the monies owed to you. It is important to consider before pursuing a debt the following:

  • Who is your debtor e.g. a company, partnership, sole trader, individual
  • Are they able to pay?

If you are unsure whether the outstanding debts to you are worth trying to recover, we will be able to advise you after having a brief discussion with you.

How can Gorvins Help?

Recovering a debt owed to you needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and is crucial to the effective management and operation of your business. We understand that unpaid debts can have a detrimental effect on your cash flow and therefore understand the need to take action quickly.

Contact Gorvins today to begin the debt recovery process, call us on 0161 930 5151, e-mail debtrecoveryteam@gorvins.com or fill in the contact enquiry form and we will call you back.

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