Who is the client?

Wilde Analysis predominantly help clients in the engineering industry to improve the design of their products and their manufacturing processes. They do this using predictive engineering technologies such as engineering simulation and reliability engineering. This is delivered via a combination of software, consulting and training.

Gorvins Services used 

Commercial and corporate law.

Client objectives

PDSVISION are a global provider of services focused on helping companies successfully enable the digital transformation journey. From their base in Sweden, they approached our client – Wilde Analysis with an acquisition proposal. Wilde Analysis came to Gorvins looking for legal support with the acquisition process.

What we did

Working with Wilde Analysis and their financial advisors – Clarke Nicklin, we provided all the information PDSVISION needed to satisfy their due diligence. We then set about arranging the Share Purchase Agreement between the two parties.

We worked closely with our legal counterparts Bird and Bird, who were representing PDSVISION. Once all the necessary legal work had been carried out and the wording of the contract had been negotiated and agreed upon, PDSVISION Successfully acquired the Wilde Analysis shares from our clients.

Our bespoke, tailored service led to a successful transfer in which all parties were happy and reassured.

What the client said

“There are many legal firms we could have worked with to complete this transaction. What sets Christian and the Gorvins team apart from the rest is that they’re always at the other end of the phone when you need them and work in an open, friendly and approachable manner.

Building a business friendship built on trust and mutual respect goes a long way towards peace of mind and successful business outcomes. Gorvins went above and beyond in that regard.”

David Deakin, Wilde Analysis Managing Director

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