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A management buyout (MBO) concerns a deal when the existing management team of a business purchases all or part of that business from its current owners. A Management Buy-In (MBI) is where all or part of a business is purchased by an external management team.

Both MBOs and MBIs are designed to introduce new a new group of senior management however any change in ownership or management presents opportunity and risk and therefore it is imperative that careful planning and commercially focused legal support is undertaken.

Gorvins experienced Corporate Law team can assist you through the process whether you are looking to sell your interest in a business or form part of the management team looking to acquire a business.

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Gorvins Approach to MBOs and MBIs

Gorvins Solicitors take a very hands-on, proactive and pragmatic approach to this type of transaction. There are complex legal and financial issues involved with this type of transaction which necessitates a legal team who can provide you with a clear strategy from the outset to ensure the deal completes smoothly for all parties involved whilst appreciating the commercial reality that at the same time as undertaking the transaction, the management team will also have a business to run on a day to day basis.

We will help with every aspect of the legal process acting for either the seller or the MBO/MBI team including:

  • deal viability
  • debt and equity funding
  • due diligence investigation into the target company
  • sale and purchase agreement including warranties and apportionment of liabilities
  • the corporate structure of the newly formed purchase vehicle
    investor confidentiality and investor documentation and security to finance the transaction
  • employment law implications and service agreements for the management team
  • business planning

Working alongside third parties who need to be involved in the MBO/MBI such as your bank and other funders, financial advisers, landlords, pension advisors and corporate brokers, Gorvins Solicitors has all the necessary expertise to make sure that your MBO/MBI is completed efficiently and effectively.

How Can Gorvins Help?

Our aim is to make sure any MBO/MBI is proactively managed and progressed efficiently and effectively from start to finish. We know that each MBO/MBI is different and it is our ability to recognise an individual client’s business needs which sets us apart from the rest. Your MBO/MBI is as important to us as it is to you and we will always make sure you fully understand and are happy with the way in which your MBI/MBO is progressing.

To speak to a solicitor specialising in MBOs or MBIs contact the Corporate Law team today on 0161 930 5151, e-mail or complete the online form on the right and we will call you back at a time convenient for you.

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