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Employment Tribunals (unfair/wrongful dismissal)

We have detailed the estimate of fees in a typical Employment Tribunal case for unfair/wrongful, when acting on behalf of a Claimant, along with the relevant timescale.

Each aspect of the matter has been detailed, using the standard list of directions usually set by the Tribunal (although there may be more or less work involved, depending on the specific circumstances and nature of the case):

1. Drafting & submitting Claim Form £750-1,500 plus VAT.
This has to be submitted within 3 months of dismissal (taking into account any preceding ACAS Early Conciliation) but the task could be completed by us within a matter of a few days.

2. Preparing Schedule of Loss (and collating associated remedy evidence) £500-1,250 plus VAT. This step tends to be required by the Tribunal within the first 3 months from inception of the claim and can be turned around by us within 1-2 days.

3. Compiling Schedule of Documents and dealing with disclosure £750-1,500 plus VAT.
Such action, as well as witness statement preparation, is usually directed to take place within 4-6 months of the original submission of the claim; this stage of case preparation is likely to be spread over 1-2 weeks.

4. Drafting witness statement(s) £1,250-2,250 plus VAT
Anticipating the production of witness evidence appropriate to a standard 1-day Tribunal case.

5. Dealing with the advocacy at the Full Hearing typical cost £1,500 plus VAT (for a 1-day case)
We can undertake the presentation of your case “in house”, or otherwise engage the services of external Counsel (the listing of the case to be heard is very much in the hands of the Tribunal Service, but cases are typically listed and determined within 9-12 months of inception.

Total estimated costs

The total typical costs, therefore, fall into the range of £4,750-8,000 plus VAT, and average costs for such a case fall within the middle of this range. Whilst the timing of the ultimate determination of a case is not something that we have a great deal of control over, cases are currently concluding within a 9-12 month window from inception.

As suggested, the above information represents an estimate for a typical case, but the actual costs relevant to a particular instruction are very much dependent upon the nature of the claims being brought and circumstances of the matter.

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