Pricing: Employment Tribunals (unfair or wrongful dismissal) – Claimant

 These estimates of fees and timescales are for a typical Employment Tribunal case for unfair or wrongful dismissal where you are the claimant.

Our charges are normally based on hourly rate fees which vary depending on the level of experience of the practitioner handling your case; see the table below. In some cases we may agree fixed costs for certain stages of the process, either at the start of the case or as it progresses.

Partner£300 plus VAT
Senior Associate£250 plus VAT
Associate£185 plus VAT

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Typical stages of a Tribunal case, and an indication of our fees at each stage, are shown below. The stages are based on the standard list of directions usually set by the Tribunal. More or less work may be required depending on the nature of the case and its surrounding circumstances.

  1. Drafting and submitting Claim Form: £750 – £2,500 plus VAT

We can normally complete the drafting and submission of the claim form within a few days, but be aware that your claim must be submitted within three months of the dismissal.

  1. Preparing Schedule of Loss, and collating associated remedy evidence: £750 – £1,750 plus VAT

This is normally required by the Tribunal within three months from the submission of the claim, and we can usually complete it within one or two  days.

  1. Compiling Schedule of Documents and dealing with disclosure: £750 – £2,500 plus VAT

This stage, together with witness statement preparation, is likely to take between one and two weeks and is usually required within 4-6 months of the claim submission.

  1. Drafting witness statements: £1,500 – £3,000 plus VAT

This assumes production of witness evidence appropriate to a standard one-day Tribunal case.

  1. Advocacy at the Hearing: £1,500 plus VAT (for a one-day case)

We can present your case ourselves, or you may choose to engage the services of external Counsel (a barrister). Counsel’s fees are additional to our own fees and would typically be around £1,500 plus VAT for a one-day hearing, but will depend on the seniority and experience of the barrister.

Total estimated costs

Our total fees for a typical case, proceeding as we have outlined above, are therefore likely to range from £5,250-11,250 plus VAT, with average costs falling within the middle of this range.

Employment Tribunal cases do not usually incur disbursements (fees for services provided by third parties in connection with a legal matter) other than Counsel’s fees.  Where instructed, Counsel’s fees are likely to fall within the overall estimate provided.


We have no control over the listing of the case (the scheduling of a date and location for the hearing), which is in the hands of the Tribunal Service. We would normally expect it to be listed around 9 -12 months after the claim submission.

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