An offence of driving without due care and attention or careless driving is committed when a person’s driving falls below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver.

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Below are some examples of careless of inconsiderate driving:

  • Undertaking
  • Driving too close to another vehicle
  • Driving through a red traffic light
  • Turning into the path of another vehicle
  • Being avoidably distracted by the radio, lighting a cigarette or eating
  • Flashing lights forcing other drivers to give way
  • Misusing lanes
  • Unnecessarily staying in the overtaking lane
  • Unnecessarily slow driving or braking
  • Dazzling other drivers with un-dipped headlights

Drivers are often charged with an offence of this nature following a road traffic accident, where there is no evidence of mechanical defect, driver illness or other explanation for the cause of the accident.

The prosecution can allege that in the absence of an explanation, for an accident to occur, someone must have not been paying proper attention or driving carelessly. This again can cover a range of situations including clipping a stationary vehicle when leaving or entering a parking space or for example knocking a bollard.

If you are involved in an accident you have a duty to stop and also report the accident if there has been any damage or personal injury caused, if you do not you will be at risk of being prosecuted for failure to stop/report an accident.

The penalties for driving without Due Care and Attention range from 3-9 penalty points to a disqualification from driving. In addition, the Court will also order a means tested fine (based on a calculation of income) capped at £5,000 and they may consider ordering a re-test before the driving licence can be re-issued.

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