A Will is a powerful legal document enabling you to let those who you love and care about benefit from your estate. At Gorvins our will writing solicitors will help you plan for the future down to the last detail.

Alongside deciding who gets what, our highly experienced team of will-writing solicitors can guide you on other important issues such as choosing guardians for your children and building in trusts to make your inheritance more tax efficient.

How well you protect your family, close friends and most prized possessions all depends on how well you plan. If you are planning on writing a will, call our experts on 0161 930 5151, e-mail us at willsteam@gorvins.com or use the online contact form.

Gorvins’ Approach to Making a Will

At Gorvins Solicitors we believe in planning for the future. Not only does it allow us to relax in the knowledge that we’ve done all we can, but it can also save a lot of money in the future, particularly for your family who may have to sort out a potential mess if you pass on without putting your affairs in order.

Our approach to writing a will is to help you plan your future just as you have in mind. We listen to your requests, provide specialist advice suitable to you, make sure you’re happy and draw up a document tailored to you individually. Our team of inheritance tax solicitors can also offer advice on potential inheritance tax issues that may arise, ensuring that your family and loved ones receive the inheritance that is intended for them.

Aside from deciding who gets what, we help you to think about other key considerations:

  • Who will look after your children?
  • Who will be the executors and administer your estate?
  • Who will benefit from your estate?
  • What will happen to your business?
  • Do you want to leave a gift to charity?
  • How can you protect your assets for the next generation?
  • What will your funeral be like?

Why should you consider writing a will?

We all tend to put things to the back of our minds that don’t require immediate attention. Making a will is a classic example. Far from being a morbid subject, writing a will is just a fact of life and not something that should be looked at negatively as it ensures that your family, home and future generations are protected and cared for in a way precisely designed by you.

If you die without a will, the law steps in and decides who will inherit your assets, according to the rules of intestacy. This set of rigid rules may not be what you would have wanted and the people you want to inherit your possessions and look after your affairs may not do so automatically. Having a will is essential in setting out your wishes.

Do I need a solicitor to write a will?

While you can prepare a will without the help of a solicitor, it’s not advisable. If you prepared a will without legal help and there are errors in the document, you run the risk of problems occurring with your estate after your death.

A solicitor will provide peace of mind that your will is drafted correctly and limit the potential issues that could arise from an improperly prepared will.

How Can Our Will Writing Solicitors Help?

Our experienced and knowledgeable will solicitors will offer you the specialist advice you require but also guide you through wider issues which you may not have thought about, such as

  • Inheritance tax
  • How to deal with your business shares and foreign assets
  • Incorporating trusts to protect your estate, and
  • The people who are set to benefit.

We have particular expertise in protecting the interests of vulnerable, young and disabled beneficiaries and work in association with several local charity groups, such as MENCAP and The Together Trust, providing advice to the people they support.

Whether your situation is straightforward or more complicated, it doesn’t matter to us, we can still provide you with the service you need and help you to make the decisions that will give you peace of mind when making a will. The will we deliver for you will be tailored specifically to your individual circumstances and wishes.

Next Steps for Making a Will

If you would like to speak to one of our will writing solicitors about planning for your future and making a will, contact our team today on 0161 930 5151 email us at actonit@gorvins.com or fill in our online contact form and we will get back in touch for a confidential discussion.

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