Expeditions and trekking are part of a growing adventure tourism sector. Whilst, particularly as the numbers of participants remain relatively low, few serious accidents are reported, there can be very real dangers involved.

Our Specialist Partner, Gary Boyd has, particularly through representing member of the Armed Forces, developed expertise and vital links with other experts in the sector to allow us to provide specialist advice and representation in relation to accidents occurring within this field. Examples include:

  • Successfully acting for a young student injured in a savage attack by a polar bear during an arctic expedition
  • Representing a number of clients who sustained serious orthopaedic injuries and consequently chronic pain conditions due to trekking accidents

The organisers of expeditions and treks owe a duty of care to each to the participants and indeed the participants owe a duty of care to each.

Factors that need to be investigated when considering whether there are grounds for a claim include :

  • Were the leaders clearly identified?
  • Were the leaders suitably experienced and qualified?
  • Did the leaders have clearly defined responsibilities?
  • Were adequate risk assessments carried out by appropriately qualified individuals before and during the expedition?
  • Were the correct safety measures identified and suitably implemented?
  • Were appropriate and adequate equipment and clothing arranged and provided for the type of expedition?
  • Was the equipment adequately maintained and were users appropriately trained and supervised if necessary ?
  • Was there a clear Emergency Response Plan in place and was it adequately relayed to those involved in the activity?

We at Gorvins have substantial experience in successfully pursuing expedition compensation claims including the aforementioned arctic expedition incident involving a polar bear attack, mountaineering/climbing accidents, cross-country skiing, and canoeing/kayaking accidents.

We also have the knowledge, skills and contacts to allow us to, on your behalf, achieving the highest financial settlement for your accident. To obtain the highest compensation settlement for you, we will optimise the evidence of the severity, and full consequences, of your injuries, your losses of earnings, medical/ rehabilitation expenses, travel and other expenses and the full effects of the injuries on the life of yourself and your loved ones.

If you would like to discuss or make a claim, please call us on 0161 930 5117 or send your enquiry to our spinal injury team via the online contact form.

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