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Our employment law solicitors have complete knowledge of restrictive covenants and are perfectly placed to advise you of any issues that may arise as a result of restrictive covenants in your employment contract, shareholder agreement, settlement agreement etc.

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Restrictions on your future professional activities (Restrictive Covenants)

It is increasingly common for employment contracts to contain restrictive covenants which might prevent you from doing any work which is in competition with your former employer for a set length of time.

The law closely polices the circumstances in which such restrictions can be applied, and an employer has to prove that they are enforced for legitimate business interests and are reasonable.
Restrictive covenant law can cover a range of business activities, such as:

  • An obligation that you cannot work in a similar capacity for a directly-competing employer
  • A clause preventing you from trying to poach clients or suppliers who worked with your former employer
  • Conditions to prevent you, as a representative of another business, from attempting to ‘poach’ former colleagues for your new employer

How can Gorvins help?

Our expert restrictive covenant solicitors can analyse the clauses in your contract carefully, considering if there is a legitimate business interest to protect and whether the extent of the restraint is reasonable according to parameters established by case law.

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