If the DVLA refuses to issue you with a driving licence or revokes your driving licence, you will not be able to drive again until you can satisfy strict criteria and meet the standard of safe driving.

The DVLA can refuse to return your licence following a disqualification for drink driving or they may revoke your licence due to a medical condition, but you have an automatic right of appeal against their decision in the magistrates’ court. You must lodge a notice of appeal with the court within 6 months of the decision and will require evidence, including medical evidence to show that the decision was incorrect and that you are fit to drive.

If the DVLA believes that you have a history of alcohol dependence or misuse, you have to prove that you are abstaining from alcohol or that any misuse is now under control.

If you have a reportable medical condition, the DVLA will usually request medical evidence from your doctor or consultant confirming that in their opinion you are fit to drive, and they will expect you to be taking any prescribed medication as directed.

Dealing with the DVLA is not only challenging and frustrating, but it also often leaves individuals feeling powerless, not knowing where to turn for help.

If you are considering appealing a decision by the DVLA, it is important to seek specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

It is critical that all medical records are obtained and meticulously reviewed so that a strategy can be devised to challenge the DVLA.

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