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When someone dies, you need to locate a copy of the latest Will. This can be difficult as people often don’t like talking about what will happen when they are no longer with us, and so don’t tell anyone where to find their Will.

Our experts at Gorvins may be able to help you find a missing Will. If the deceased registered their Will with Certainty, the National Register of Wills, it can be traced to the solicitor who prepared it. Call us on 0161 930 5151 to see if we can help trace the Will.

How can I Find a Missing Will?

If the Will is not registered with Certainty, but you know who the deceased tended to use as their solicitor (perhaps for moving house or other legal matters) the next step would be to approach that solicitor. In the past we have also had success tracing a Will by writing to all the solicitors in the town where the deceased lived, particularly if the deceased lived in that town for a long time.

However, it should be noted that unless you are named as an executor of the Will you will not be entitled to a copy of it.

A Will becomes a public document once a Grant of Probate has been obtained. You can obtain a copy at this stage by applying for a standing search at the local District Probate Registry. The probate registry will then send you a copy of the Grant and a copy of the Will if one was drawn up.

This search will remain in place for six months and can be renewed by writing to the probate registry quoting your standing search number and paying a further £6. This will mean that if anyone does attempt to gain probate you will be notified.

How can Gorvins Help?

The Wills, Trusts and Probate team here at Gorvins Solicitors in most cases will be able to find the Will of a deceased relative quite quickly. Call us on 0161 930 5151 or e-mail

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