As a keen cyclist (and ‘MAMIL’) himself, Gary Boyd, Gorvins’ Head of Serious Sports Injury claims is very experienced in claims for cyclists who sustain injuries and loss/ damage to their bikes and associated equipment.

The increasing numbers of cyclists on our roads reflect the rapidly growing interest in the sport. Whilst this is very encouraging, given the environmental and health benefits of cycling, when cross-referenced with the numbers of cars on our roads, it is easy to understand why cycling accidents are common. At the end of 2016, there were 30.9 million cars licensed for the roads of Great Britain. Approximately 19,000 cycle accidents are reported each year. It is believed many more are not reported.

Cyclists face many risks on our roads. Common causes of accidents include:

  • Poorly maintained highways – potholes are an increasing problem;
  • Motorists emerging from T junctions or roundabouts into the path of cyclists;
  • Motorists turning across the path of a cyclist;
  • Pedestrians stepping into the path of cyclists;
  • Drivers overtaking too close to cyclists;
  • Blind spots of large vehicles such as HGVs and buses;
  • Drivers or passengers opening car doors into the path of a moving cyclist;
  • Defective bikes and accessories;
  • Negligence of cyclists riding in groups;
  • Child cyclists playing on/ too close to a road; and
  • Spectator slips, trips, falls or collisions whilst watching biking events

Cyclists can sustain a whole range of injuries and unfortunately, all too often cycle accidents can result in life-changing and even fatal injuries.

We at Gorvins have the specialist knowledge and experience to give you the best possible chance of succeeding in your claim and indeed recovering the compensation you need and deserve.

To obtain the highest compensation settlement for you, our Serious Sports Injury team will optimise the evidence of the severity, and full consequences, of your injuries, your losses of earnings, medical/ rehabilitation expenses, travel and other expenses and the full effects of the injuries on the life of yourself and your loved ones.

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