In life, unexpected challenges can sometimes lead us down an unfamiliar and daunting path. One such challenge is facing a drink driving charge. However, today’s story is not one of guilt, but rather a tale of resilience and the triumph of justice. We’ll explore how a drink-drive charge, laden with initial uncertainties, ultimately crumbled due to prosecution failures.

The Accusation

Our story begins with an accusation that could have derailed lives. A client found themselves facing a drink driving charge, an offence that carries serious consequences, including fines, disqualification, and even imprisonment. At first glance, the situation appeared grim, and the weight of the accusation loomed heavy.

Legal Representation

But this individual was not about to succumb to despair. They knew their rights and the importance of a fair legal process. They wisely decided to seek specialist legal representation from Amanda McIntosh, a pivotal decision that would prove to be the turning point in their journey.

Prosecution Failures Unveiled

As Amanda delved into the case, several glaring prosecution failures emerged. These lapses were not merely technicalities but substantial shortcomings that raised serious questions about the validity of the charge.

Among the key prosecution failures were:

  • A complete lack of evidence in relation to the ‘driving’ element of the offence.
  • No evidence of compliance with section 7 Road Traffic Act 1988 (provision of evidential specimens for analysis).
  • Witness statements missing.
  • Inconsistent documentation
  • Complete failure by the prosecution to respond to numerous requests by the defence for disclosure of evidence.

The Path to Discontinuation

Armed with this arsenal of prosecution failures, Amanda meticulously built a case to challenge the charge. 5 Months after the initial hearing in the Magistrates’ Court, the prosecution applied to adjourn the trial due to witness difficulties. Amanda outlined each failure and presented strong objections to the court, insisting that the prosecution had had sufficient time to prepare their case. The prosecution’s inability to provide convincing answers to their failures ultimately led to the discontinuation of the drink driving charge.


In this story, we witnessed the remarkable journey of someone accused of a drink driving offence. What could have been a life-altering ordeal turned into a triumph of justice due to prosecution failures. It highlights the importance of seeking specialist legal advice from the outset, knowing one’s rights, and holding the legal system accountable for its procedures.

This tale reminds us that the pursuit of justice is an ongoing process. While this individual’s charge may have been discontinued, the lessons learned and the commitment to upholding the principles of fairness and accountability endure. In the face of adversity, their story serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of a just legal system.

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