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  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 2.2.24

    Speeding Epidemic: Over 30,000 Motorists Fined in ...

    An alarming number of motorists have been accused of speeding in Greater Manchester over the past year. According to recent reports, more than 30,000 drivers have found themselves facing accusations of exceeding the speed limit in the busy streets of Manchester.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 7.12.23

    Operation Wolverine: What drivers need to know

    Operation Wolverine, established in 2007, is a focused policing operation by Greater Manchester Police (GMP), specifically targeting drivers operating without insurance. This long-standing initiative has been crucial in enhancing road safety and compliance with vehicle insurance and licensing laws. In July 2023, GMP marked a significant milestone, seizing over 1,000 vehicles, nearly half of which were directly due to Operation Wolverine efforts. This initiative employs technologies like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and mobile applications to efficiently identify uninsured vehicles or those driven without the correct licence.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 27.11.23

    Why It Is Worth Seeking Professional Representation ...

    Amidst the bustling excitement of the Christmas season, it's not uncommon for important post to get overlooked in the flurry of festive activities. Imagine this scenario: amidst your Christmas preparations, you find a notice of fine or endorsement from the Magistrates’ Court for a motoring conviction you were unaware of. This can be particularly startling during a period when your routine is disrupted by holiday festivities. However, there's no need to let this dampen your festive spirit, as you have the option to make a Statutory Declaration to address this unexpected issue.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 27.11.23

    Navigating the Holidays Safely: The Perils of Drink ...

    As the festive season unfolds, and the air becomes infused with the spirit of celebration, it's crucial to remember the potential dangers lurking beneath the merriment. Among the myriad of holiday hazards, one that demands our undivided attention is the peril of drink driving.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 27.11.23

    ‘The Controversial Landscape of Anti-Braking ...

    In recent years, the implementation of anti-braking speed cameras has sparked heated debates among motorists, policymakers, and safety advocates. These high-tech devices are designed to catch drivers who intentionally brake to manipulate their speed when approaching a camera zone. While the intention behind these cameras is to enhance road safety, they have become a source of controversy.

  • Road Traffic Defence

    Posted 28.9.23

    Triumph Over a Drink Drive Charge: A Tale of ...

    Today, we’ll explore how a drink-drive charge, laden with initial uncertainties, ultimately crumbled due to prosecution failures.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 1.8.23

    Failing to Furnish Driver Details – The ...

    Recently, the footballer Jesse Lingard was in the news having been disqualified from driving for 6 months for failing to name the driver of his car.

  • Road Traffic Defence

    Posted 5.6.23

    Successfully appealing decisions by the DVLA: A ...

    In this blog, we explore a remarkable story of triumph against the DVLA and shed light on the steps that can be taken to increase the chances of a successful appeal.

  • Road Traffic Defence

    Posted 1.6.23

    Every Point Matters – Why It Is Worth Seeking ...

    Road traffic offences may seem straightforward, but their legal implications can be complex and severe. Many individuals underestimate the potential repercussions and opt to represent themselves without comprehensive knowledge of the law. As we’ve seen recently in the case of the Archbishop of Canterbury, getting the process of appealing a seemingly trivial traffic offence can be complicated and costly.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 18.5.23

    Traffic Offences: Lessons Learned from the ...

    The recent case of the Most Reverend Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, serves as a striking reminder of the potential repercussions of traffic offences, particularly speeding.

  • Crime and Regulatory

    Posted 9.2.23

    Received a fine or notice of endorsement and it is ...

    Received a fine or notice of endorsement and it is the first you have heard about it?  Here’s what you need to do.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 26.1.22

    Highway Code changes 2022 – Are you aware of ...

    Around 25,000 people die or are seriously injured on Britain’s roads every year, the majority of which are either pedestrians or cyclists.The Highway Code is changing in an attempt to make roads safer and the new rules are due to come into effect on Saturday 29th January 2022.These new rules are split into three main categories and are aimed at protecting the most vulnerable road users, i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

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