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Times have changed a lot, especially in regards to technology. Just consider for a second not having access to the internet?

A scary thought. When buying a house now, there are a much different array of considerations to take into account. The internet is now indispensable to most modern households, but it was only just over 20 years ago that UK scientist Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, was polishing off his hypertext-based version of web pages, links and browsers that we still use today. Even since that point, technology and everyday items we find in most homes are almost unrecognisable.

Here, we have a quick look at a few household items that we now just take for granted and that most people consider ‘essential’ when buying a home…and a few from the past as well.

#1 THEN – Standing wooden TV with antenna

Television was invented by a Scotsman in 1926 who went by the name of John Logie Baird. It became common in British living rooms after World War II. The TV sets were bulky, made of wood and cuboid, nevertheless, they often doubled up as a decorative item! The TV would usually be found in the corner of the room at a nice angle opposite the arm chair. There wouldn’t be a great choice, reception would often be dodgy and it certainly wasn’t beamed in High Definition.

#1 NOW – Flatscreen smart TV

You rarely see a home nowadays without the accompanying flatscreen TV or three. These ultra slim entertainment systems provide viewers with superb definition and sound for ultimate viewing pleasure. Unlike their old counterparts, the modern TV can be hung on the wall, perched on a nice glass TV stand or positioned in the corner of the room. There is so much choice of TV channels and programmes to watch, including an almost unlimited supply of internet-based shows, that people can, and literally will, spend all-day sat glued to the screen.

#2 THEN – Rotary dial phone

Rotary dial telephones were all the rage back in the day – in fact they were the only rage as there were no other options! There was nothing mobile about these phones either. They were usually plonked in the hall atop of the telephone table, which would have a little drawer for the telephone book. Dialling was a whole different experience too. The rotatory system, known as pulse dialling, was used to initiate a call.

#2 NOW – Smart phone

‘Smart’ seems to be one of the modern day buzzwords. When it comes to smart phones, people can’t get enough. The phone has come along way since the days of the rotary telephone (which were actually still popular in the 1980s). Now there is not much you can’t do in the way of communication from the palm of your hand. Times have gone from purposely ignoring the ringing phone in the hall way, to a social addiction. An un-mobile phone in your home is almost redundant, with many people opting to use their smart phone for everything – literally everything – camera, notebook, e-reader, web browser, calculator, weather forecaster, GPS, torch…..we could be here all day. They are becoming more and more popular with Apple, the biggest manufacturer, recently announcing record profits.

#3 THEN – Vinyl records

Commonly known as just a ‘record’, these were the primary medium used for music storage until the late 20th century. By the late 80s and early 90s, digital media, in the form of the CD, was taking off and casting the record to the realms of history. Interestingly, many people in the music industry still refer to artists releasing a ‘record’ even now, although there are no vinyl records in sight!

Back in the day, vinyls were hugely popular with people often showing off their impressive collections to visitors popping round to their house. Before television became popular, radio and music were without doubt the most popular forms of entertainment and families would sit around and listen the night away.

#3 NOW – Wi-Fi

The invention of Wi-Fi allows users to access network resources, mainly known as the Internet, via a wireless access point. Many devices are now Wi-Fi equipped, such as phones, computers, tablets, e-readers and cameras, which makes things such as sharing and saving much easier. It is a commonplace occurrence these days to head into an establishment, be it a restaurant, pub or shop, and ask for the ‘Wi-Fi’ code to get some free internet.

Many, many homes now have such a connection all occupants can use the Internet at once if they desired.

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