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  • Commercial

    Posted 12.8.19

    GDPR – update

    What has changed since the regulation came into effect?

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  • Personal Injury

    Posted 7.8.19

    Extreme Sports Injuries: Do You Have a Claim?

    Personal Injury compensation can be pursued in some cases, however, there are some limitations to be considered.

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  • Employment Law

    Posted 25.7.19

    Workplace in a Heatwave?

    The temperature in the UK is soaring but most of us still need to go to work.

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  • Wills, Trusts & Probate

    Posted 12.7.19

    Choosing your Power of Attorney

    Choosing who to be your power of attorney is an important decision, how do you decide?

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  • Employment

    Posted 9.7.19

    Paid Paternity Leave

    Mobile phone network O2 announced that they increased paid paternity leave for all permanent members of staff to 14 ...

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  • Residential Property

    Posted 17.6.19

    Top Tips for First Time Buyers

    We have collated our top tips that we think is essential for a first time buyer to know.

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  • Residential Property

    Posted 12.6.19

    5 Top Tips for Buying a Property at Auction

    Buying a property at auction can be a great way to get a bargain for your dream home.

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  • Family Law

    Posted 7.6.19

    Do you need a Prenup for your Pet?

    When getting divorced who gets the family pet?

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  • Personal Injury

    Posted 27.5.19

    What is a non-freezing cold injury?

    Non-freezing cold injuries (NFCI’s) often lead to long term/ permanent increased sensitivity to cold.

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