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This week’s episode started with Ruth in her underwear and that is about as exciting as it got, going (strangely) downhill from there!

The candidates were sent to Dr Samuel Johnson’s House, the only relevance to the task being that he had a cat, called Hodge, who had been cast in bronzed to stand outside his house!

Lord Sugar started off his pep-talk by stating that the pet market was currently worth around £4.6 billion, so that meant the task of selecting three products (two cheaper accessories and a high-ticket item) and selling them at a London Pet Show would be a walk in the park, right?

The teams were reshuffled – since it must have been clear from last week that the girls were doomed for failure should they stay as they were. Project managers were then chosen quickly with Scott Saunders, who put himself forward with the line “I’ve got a Dog”, being named Captain for Connexus and David Stevenson stepping up for Versatile.

Prior to even seeing the items on offer, David was quick off the mark saying that he thought an item such as a t-shirt (for people) would sell well……at a Pet Show. Low and behold, their chosen products were animal balloons, luxury sofas for dogs and, wait for it, animal t-shirts (which half of the team thought was a bad idea from the off). Both teams were once again split into 2 separate sub-teams, with one selling their chosen luxury item and the other the lower-price products.

Connexus, or Team Cat as they should now be referred to, chose warming pads for cats, an interactive cat toy and interchangeable custom-made cat towers. It should be noted that they did take a stab at the balloons, however, due to Brett showing “a complete lack of passion for the product” and no personality, the balloon vendor chose the other team. Scott sent them off to the show with some gentle encouragement which included “Gary! You’ve got cats!” With Ruth then piping up that each of them should aim for 1 each per hour (little did she know she would be unable to make 1 sale all day) – she also expected that that they were going to be “explosive!”…..self-destructive more like.

Scott started off well, selling the first tower for a whopping £635 (with an added 10% off to complete the sale) and by mid-morning, sales of the customisable cat towers had racked up! Meanwhile, their sub-team had a slow start until Brett did a live pitch which saw sales of the cat toy spike whilst the other members of the team took a cat-nap – especially Selina who seemed to just give up after her one and only heavily assisted sale – as sales of the towers slowed down. Once again, we saw Claude smile, this time at how much Ruth talked. (Whilst still smiling) he complimented her on her enthusiasm but then added that she “needed to shut up and sell that product”.

It’s safe to say that the balloons were a roaring success and no sooner had the show opened, there was a queue of customers – which did not go down throughout. Much to Karen’s disgust since a balloon cost £5 and a t-shirt £25, David had members of the team stop selling his beloved t-shirts and take an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to selling the balloons. Luckily one sub-team was bringing in the cash as sales of the dog bed did not happen so quickly.  April and Charlene sold their first beds, however, Richard was left well and truly in the dogs’ house, failing to close a deal down. He eventually made 3, but not until a lot later in the day – which he put down to his “cheeky chappy style!”

With sales done for the day, all that was left was for them to come face to face with the Top Dog in the Boardroom.  That said, this task was open for puns galore which Lord Sugar took full advantage off, kicking off the Boardroom scene stating that at least one member of a team would go “walkies!”

The scores on the doors were a pretty respectable £3,028.40 for Connexus, with £1,807.20 allocated to sales from cat towers and £1221.20 for the heat pads and toy.  Karen then read out Versatile’s takings and announced that they had made a staggering £4,051.62! They were then sent off for a training session with Mo Farah where the strangest of sweat bands were apparently mandatory – tea in the dingy cafe looking ever so appealing to all.

With Scott needing to choose who to bring back into the Boardroom, Lord Sugar reminded him that “cats don’t get 9 lives in this process” and called Scott’s decision a “no-brainer” when Selina and Ruth were picked.

The two really couldn’t have performed any differently, with Claude stating that Selina gave up half way through the task and had a lack of enthusiasm and drive on the sales floor. Whilst, despite her not being able to close any sales, it was a well-accepted fact that Ruth’s enthusiasm could not be faulted. When the time came for Lord Sugar’s decision, neither of his aids had anything positive to say about Selina, and Claude asked Karen who she would rather work with somebody who was overly enthusiastic or somebody who did not care, with Karen’s blunt response being, “neither, actually Claude!”

All three were trawled back in and Scott’s parents must have been proud when Lord Sugar stated that whilst he needed to be more ruthless he was extremely polite and respectful, which must have saved him since an attack was then launched on the two ladies with Ruth sent packing on the basis that she claimed to train people how to sell but had failed miserably in a sales task. Lord Sugar stated that she should have got rid of those she knew it was pointless talking to by saying “you’ve no money. Sod off!”

Whilst I thought a double-firing would take place and Selina would also be given the boot, she was given a last chance. Her closing line being “so no more Mrs Nice Girl” – if she has been nice so far heaven knows what is to come!

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