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I heard a hotelier say recently that bookings at their hotel for weddings for 2013 were down from this year, but they were already fairly booked up for weddings in 2014, with couples planning their big day much further in advance than usual.  He believed the reason for this spike in weddings for 2014 was that couples are reluctant to get married in a year ending in 13, and would prefer to wait a year to get married than risk celebrating their nuptials on an unlucky date.

If this proves to be a national trend I think it is fascinating! Of course, weddings have always had their own set of traditions and superstitions, such as the groom not seeing the bride on the day of the wedding until the actual ceremony and the bride having something old, new, borrowed and blue; but avoiding a whole year to get married in is taking this to new heights.

So much planning goes into arranging a wedding for couples to have their perfect day, you can’t blame them for not leaving anything to chance….which got me thinking about pre-nuptial agreements. Not very romantic I know, but on the other hand agreeing, whilst still a couple,  how assets should be divided if the relationship flounders in the future, can be less stressful than going through a messy divorce when nothing is agreed and tensions can be very high. You may say isn’t this just planning to fail? However I don’t think so because no-one enters a pre-nuptial agreement believing or wanting the relationship to fail, but it can give both parties some security about the future if the worst were to happen and reduce the element of chance. A bit like couples avoiding marrying in 2013 perhaps!

If you are planning a wedding lookout for Gorvins at a number of wedding fairs over the next few months where we will be on hand to give you more information about pre-nuptial agreements, and where you can pick up a free wedding planner.