Each year millions of people take part in extreme sports and some, unfortunately, get injured for many different reasons. However, people don’t always know which accidents could have been avoided and which ones were just bad luck.

Personal Injury compensation can be pursued in some cases, but there are some limitations to be considered.

Firstly, let’s see which sports are classed as extreme

Any sport that is physically hazardous is classed as extreme including but not limited to:
Rock climbing & mountaineering
Winter sports, e.g. skiing, snowboarding, etc.
Water sports, e.g. surfing, canoeing & kayaking, etc.

How do I know I have a claim?

The risks related to extreme sports can be reduced and/or avoided if appropriately addressed. Therefore there may be a claim if someone is injured due to a breach of duty of care by others arising from issues such as:

• Defective, poorly maintained or inadequate equipment
• Absence or unsuitability of personal protective equipment
• Inadequate risk management
• Dangerous conditions
• Inadequate training and/or instruction
• Negligent actions/omissions by others involved in the activity
• Inadequate preparation

Additionally, if you are traveling as part of a package deal and the activity was included as part of the package then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim against the tour or package operator in this country.

Otherwise, the law and legal procedure of the country in which the accident occurred may apply.

Also, it’s essential to remember that individuals have 3 years from the date of the accident/incident to make a claim for personal injury compensation in the UK. For accidents abroad, the limitation periods can be different, shorter than 3 years in some instances.

What should I do if I think I have an extreme sports injury claim?

It’s important to find a legal team with specialist knowledge and experience to accurately assess whether someone injured in an extreme sports accident has sound grounds for a claim and to successfully pursue such a claim.

In order to obtain the appropriate compensation settlement for your accident, it’s vital for your solicitor to understand and optimise the evidence of the severity, and full consequences, of your injuries. This is not limited to and can include your losses of earnings, medical/ rehabilitation expenses, travel, and other expenses, not to mention the full effects of the injuries upon your life as well as the potential impact on your loved ones.

At Gorvins, we have a wealth of experience in such claims and the requisite connections with other professionals including barristers, liability experts, and medical experts to successfully pursue extreme sports injury claims, recover the compensation deserved and support claimants through their recovery process.

If you would like to discuss or make a claim, please call us on 01619305151 or email enquires@gorvins.com.

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