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Rock climbing can of course be a dangerous sport, with the risk of serious injury. To minimise risk of injuries, the Law requires a variety of measures, and matters such as the following need to be considered when assessing whether grounds for a claim for injuries and losses may exist:

  • Organisers of sports have a duty of care to those partaking, and others, to minimise the risk of injury;
  • There should be an adequate level of supervision by the organisation providing /arranging the activity;
  • Equipment used in the sport should be appropriate, compatible with associated equipment and properly maintained;
  • Suitable personal protective equipment should be provided and worn such as helmets, gloves and suitable footwear;
  • Adequate training and instruction should be given to those partaking in organised sports , particularly if inexperienced; and
  • In the UK, instructors or coaches in a professional context have to be appropriately licensed

We at Gorvins have a wealth of experience in successfully pursuing claims relating to rock climbing and mountaineering accidents. To obtain the highest compensation settlement for you, we will optimise the evidence of the severity, and full consequences, of your injuries, your losses of earnings, medical/rehabilitation expenses, travel expenses and the full effects of the injuries on the life of yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Accidents

    Rock climbing can of course be a dangerous sport, with the risk of serious injury.

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