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  • Personal Injury

    Posted 17.4.24

    Cruise Ship Accidents – How Gorvins Solicitors ...

    Accidents on cruise ships can and do happen and can lead to serious injuries that may lead to pain and suffering for many weeks, months or even years after you disembark.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 3.4.24

    Workplace Transport Accidents

    According to the Health and Safety Executive, every year, there are around 5,000 accidents at work involving transport in the workplace.

  • Military Claims

    Posted 15.3.24

    What is a non-freezing cold injury?

    Non-freezing cold injury (NFCI) symptoms are commonly suffered in the feet and/or hands (the most well-known form is ‘trench foot’). Read more in our blog.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 12.2.24

    Unsafe rented properties – When can you make a ...

    If your landlord is conscientious and ensures their property is safe and standards compliant, you’ll have a home that allows you to relax and thrive. If, however, your landlord does not maintain the property to safe standards, you could potentially suffer an injury or poor health outcome as a result of the properties poor condition.

  • Serious Sports and Other Catastrophic Injury Claims

    Posted 24.7.23

    How to protect yourself and your loved ones from ...

    Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from injuries sustained during watersports activities and find out how Gorvins can help.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 6.9.22

    Interim payments during personal injury claims

    Being involved in an accident is a worrying and uncertain time for the injured party.  For some, their injuries may mean they are unable to work resulting in a loss of income and additional worry, especially if the individual is a main breadwinner and has no savings to fall back on.

  • Military & Armed Forces

    Posted 14.7.22

    How your employer should be protecting you from ...

    Learn about the health and safety protocols your employer should be abiding by during hot weather. Understand your rights and get legal representation to support a claim of negligence.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 13.5.22

    How spinal cord injury claims can help victims ...

    Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) can have devastating effects on people’s lives. As well as the large restrictions such injuries place on victims’ physical capabilities, it can also put a strain on their finances, familial relationships and ability to work.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 5.5.22

    Action for Brain Injury Week 2022 – How ...

    With Action for Brain Injury Week just around the corner, it’s time to shine a light on how life-changing brain injuries can be for victims.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 22.2.22

    Gary Boyd delivers his keynote speech at Spinal Injuries ...

    Gorvins Partner - Gary Boyd, was a keynote speaker at the first Spinal Injury Association (SIA) festival on the 10th of February 2022. Gary heads up Gorvins’ military and sports injury departments, bringing his many years of expertise to deliver the compensation his clients deserve. Gary also specialises in spinal cord injury claims.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 16.12.21

    Motorbike Accidents and Injuries to Pillion ...

    As an extremely vulnerable road user injuries arising from such accidents are often very serious and can be life changing.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 24.11.21

    What to do following a bike accident

    Everyone understands that cycling carries a degree of risk and the more serious from a personal injury point of view...

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 25.10.21

    Personal Injuries Sustained in Rented Properties

    According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the home is the most common location personal injuries.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 1.10.21

    Accidents in the Gym

    More and more people will be returning back to the gym but sometimes accidents happen.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 2.9.21

    Cycling and Potholes: Can you claim?

    Cycling has become more and more popular in recent years, particularly since the start of the Covid Pandemic.  Many people cycle for pleasure, to improve their health and fitness or simply as a cheap and convenient mode of transport for getting to and from work. 

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 22.3.21

    Whiplash compensation slashed for accidents after ...

    Insurers have lobbied the Government for years to reduce the value of whiplash claims from RTAs. Learn more about the changes.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 2.9.20

    Cycling accident claims on the rise

    The number of cyclists on the roads across the UK has vastly increased since the beginning of lockdown at the end of March 2020.

  • Personal Injury

    Posted 7.8.19

    Extreme Sports Injuries: Do You Have a Claim?

    Each year millions of people take part in extreme sports and some, unfortunately, get injured for many different reasons.

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