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Sexual harassment is often thought of as a male on female problem in the workplace, but in fact female groping of males is prevalent and increasing according to this latest article. The difference is that the female pestering of males is often seen as ‘fun’ whereas unwanted behaviour from males is often taken much more seriously. 

The Mail recruited employment solicitor Danielle Ayres of Gorvins to comment on how sexual harassment sits in the workplace as it is a form of discrimination under the Equality Act and covers both men and women.

Danielle said: “Women are much more likely to raise complaints than men. Perhaps it does happen more frequently to women. But I doubt the disparity in the number of complaints is purely due to men being the main perpetrators.  

“Nor do I think it’s because women are more sensitive or more easily offended either. The women brave enough to complain feel they have a genuine grievance. Rather it’s more likely that more women complain because men are more reluctant to say anything.

“They may feel they’ll lose face if they complain. Or that they won’t be taken seriously.”

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