Insurers estimate that there are around 1,500 whiplash claims every day on British roads, although cases have dropped off during the pandemic. Insurers have lobbied the Government for many years to reduce the value of whiplash claims from traffic accidents. This is because there is an assumption that many such claims are dishonest; in fact, we have helped many genuine clients win the compensation they deserve after suffering whiplash in a car accident.

The severity of whiplash varies with many conditions, but there are two major factors. First, injuries are worse if seatbelts aren’t worn, which is one reason why seatbelts are so important, and secondly, a poorly adjusted headrest tends to result in more serious whiplash.

The valuation of a claim varies from case to case and is affected by many circumstances, although the most obvious factor is the length of time the injury persists. If you have an accident now and suffer whiplash, the average compensation (although every case varies, based on specific circumstances), for an injury that lasts 0-3 months is £1,800, rising to £4,750 for an injury that lasts between 18 months and two years.

The government are now making major changes in response to lobbying by the insurance industry. If you have an accident on or after the 31st of May this year, compensation for injuries shall reduce substantially, by an average of £1,600 per claim. In addition, victims shall be unable to reclaim their legal costs unless the claim for injuries is worth more than £5000. Gorvins are still able to help, however.

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