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  • Corporate Law

    Posted 15.3.24

    Companies House to increase fees from the 1st of ...

    With effect from the 1st May 2024, Companies House is increasing its fees for more-or-less every service it offers where a fee is payable. This is the first time in several years that their fees have been revised and going forward they’ll be based on what’s called a “cost-recovery basis” where the fee must cover the cost of Companies House providing the service without any profit being made.

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 26.9.23

    The Legal Implications of AI

    As the adoption of AI expands, so does the myriad of legal issues surrounding it. In this short blog post, we’ll explore the legal implications associated with this incredible new technology.

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 11.8.23

    Alphabet Shares – is it as easy as ABC?

    One of the most common mistakes we see as corporate lawyers is when a company has tried to implement what is commonly referred to as “alphabet shares”, but doesn’t quite get it right.

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 30.3.23

    Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill: ...

    The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency (ECCT) Bill proposes a new requirement for identification verification with Companies House. This reform is set to change the way Companies House operates and will require anyone setting up, running, or controlling a company to verify their identity. While the reform aims to crack down on fraudulent activities, it will also limit who can file documents online. This blog post explores the impact of the ECCT Bill on Companies House and companies.

  • Family Businesses

    Posted 18.8.22

    Family business succession – alternatives to ...

    Family business succession when the next generation is not in a position to take over. Alternatives to family succession.

  • Wills, Trusts & Probate

    Posted 29.3.22

    Why you need a will if you’re running a ...

    In this blog, we explain why you need a will in place if you run a family business. Learn how a will can protect your assets and your business.

  • Commercial

    Posted 24.2.22

    Wilde Analysis case study

    Building a business friendship built on trust and mutual respect goes a long way towards peace of mind and successful business outcomes. Gorvins went above and beyond in that regard.”

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 24.11.21

    Welcome court verdict on “trivial” data ...

    People are becoming increasingly aware of the rights they have in respect to how organisations use and collect their data.

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 10.9.21

    New Measures for The Corporate Insolvency and ...

    Temporary measures introduced for The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act

  • Commercial

    Posted 24.4.18

    GDPR – The grace period, The consistency and ...

    With Less than a month until GDPR comes into effect Christian Mancier answers your questions.

  • Commercial

    Posted 21.3.18

    Facebook, Data breaches and the real risk under GDPR

    The data breach from Cambridge Analytica and Facebook involving data of approximately 50 million users should be a lesson to every business.

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 16.1.18

    Shareholders’ Agreement for Start-Up Businesses

    For limited company business start-ups a settlement agreement is important to outline roles and responsibilities as well as day to day business operations.

  • Family Businesses

    Posted 20.9.17

    Communication is the Key to a Successful Family ...

    Family business expert Christian Mancier explains how and why communication is key to the short and long term success a family business

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 10.8.17

    Successful Data Request from UK Court

    A judge’s confidential notes have been disclosed under UK data laws in what is believed to be the first successful data request from a courtroom

  • Commercial

    Posted 13.6.17

    GDPR: Top 5 Tips for Staff Training

    Staff training on GDPR is essential to reduce data breaches caused by human error. Christian Mancier gives his top 5 tips on how to train staff effectively.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 15.5.17

    FCA To Investigate Possible PCP Mis-Selling

    The FCA has launched a review into the car finance market prompted by concerns arising from the increase in the use of PCP (personal contract purchase).

  • Family Businesses

    Posted 9.5.17

    Next Generation the Only Option for Family ...

    When planning for succession in your family business, it's important to know your options if the next generation isn't an option for the long term future.

  • Intellectual Property and IT

    Posted 20.4.17

    Protecting Your Online Content

    Online content theft is very common, given how easily it can be done with just a couple of clicks. So how do you take action when it happens to you?

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