Beauty salons across the country will have been inundated with bookings for beauty treatments in preparation for work Christmas parties. However, it is important to be wary of a small minority of firms who run their companies on the basis of charging low prices for treatments that are of poor quality, sometimes performed by  untrained staff or with contaminated instruments. What may appear to be a ‘special offer’ or ‘good deal’, can be the difference between making you feel your best, or making you feel embarrassed, defaced and in pain. It is important to choose somewhere reputable, or you risk ruining not only your Christmas party and your confidence, but also adversely impacting your health.

A number of beauty treatments do have an element of risk, so any salon you make an appointment with should inform you about any conceivable side-effects you might experience, however, it is important to note that there are no regulations about who is allowed to perform most treatments, irrespective of how intrusive the treatment is.

There is a range of beauty treatments and procedures that if not carried out safely by thoroughly-trained and qualified staff, have been known to cause harmful injuries. These include:

Tints for eyebrows and eyelashes

Patch tests should be carried out to check whether there is any sensitivity or adverse reaction before applying the treatment, which is popular for eyebrow and eyelash tints. If it is not carried out, the reactions that can occur can be very uncomfortable:

  • Black eyes
  • Swelling and bruising around the area
  • Infection

Hair removal treatments such as waxing and threading

Although sometimes a short-lived painful experience, if not carried out properly, the after-effects can be very painful and in some cases, drastically change your appearance:

  • Severe scabbing
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Severe bruising around the area
  • Painful infections

Nail treatments

Manicures and pedicures carried out with unsafe equipment such as chemicals or tools, can cause serious damage to your hands:

  • Burns caused to the nail
  • Infections caused by dirty equipment
  • Chemical reactions caused by adhesives

What steps can you take to avoid using a negligent salon?

To protect yourself in a salon, you should make sure you are fully aware of the products and apparatus involved in the treatment before you agree to have the treatment performed. Before going to a salon, do your research on the company and make sure it is reputable and looks to be of a good standard. Check to see if you can find information about them online, on a website or social media account and particularly any reviews can be a good indicator of the standard of the business. Unfortunately, with some salons, it is not uncommon to find that they have little information available as they move locations regularly and conduct their services utilising unsafe conditions and work practices, and unfortunately this affects the health of the customer. To add further insult to injury, often these types of firms have no insurance which makes making a claim more difficult.

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