Just received your A-level results or graduated this year and at a bit of a loose end? Having a gap year seems irresistible to some before they head on to future greatness – and why not?! Undoubtedly, it is a brilliant time for the vast majority involved, however, before you step onto probably the first plane of many, it is essential to look at your travel insurance options.

You have the excitement of visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, going on adventures, doing extreme activities in unique locations, perhaps sharing a beverage with new friends, but in and amongst that, sometimes, an accident does happen.

There are lots of options and different kinds of travel insurance out there for you to peruse, but one thing you should never do is travel without any insurance at all. The last thing anyone wants to think about before they embark on a trip of a lifetime is having an accident or what might happen to them in a certain situation.

Once you’re out there in a new place, it is a comfort to know that you are protected should something happen.

Inside Europe

The most basic way to do this get yourself a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which replaced the old E11 card a few years ago. You’ll be glad to know that applying for one is free. The EHIC is one of the bonuses of being a part of the European Union, however, it won’t protect outside one of the 27 European Union countries.

EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance. It entitles you to receive relative medical care to that received by locals. Here in Britain, we receive free healthcare, however, each EU country differs in their approach. With the EHIC card, your care will either be at a reduced cost or free, but if you don’t have one, your eyes may be watering from a different type of pain.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be tailored to your specific type of holiday to protect you against certain activities you may be undertaking. For example, on a skiing holiday, the chance of injury is elevated due to the nature of the activity. If you’re travelling through New Zealand and decide to jump off the world’s highest bungee, basic insurance may not cover you if you have an accident, but an added clause for extreme activities will. You may be backpacking, adventure-seeking, working abroad, a combination of all three or something else. Either way, whether travelling inside or outside Europe, travel insurance is a must.

Travel insurance can also cover you for delayed or cancelled flights and loss/damages to personal items, baggage and cash, something which could be very useful when you’re halfway around the world and have a few vital items.

The small cost of investing in insurance far outweighs the potential costs should something unforeseen happen when you are outside the UK. Protecting yourself is straightforward to do and will give you (if not perhaps your family) peace of mind.

Our personal injury specialist solicitors can help you out if you have a holiday accident on a no-win, No-fee basis. If you’re injured abroad you can pursue a compensation claim in the UK for any losses incurred through medical costs.

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