For centuries, family businesses have been at the heart of our communities, forming the backbone of our local economies. Today, we want to shine a light on the family businesses of Stockport and the Northwest, honouring their remarkable contributions, not just in economic terms, but for the unique local character, heritage, and community spirit they help foster.

As specialists in serving family businesses, Gorvins understand the unique challenges, nuances, and intricacies they face. Every family business has its own very unique story, and it’s these stories that give our communities in Stockport and the Northwest their unique identity. It’s these very stories that make us passionate advocates and proud partners to these businesses.

Earlier this year we worked with Paul Andrews at Family Business United in sponsoring the Northwest leg of the annual Family Business United Road Trip where we got the opportunity to spend a week on the road visiting family businesses across the Northwest and beyond, seeing their business sin action and listening to their amazing stories. Below is a selection of the family businesses we are proud to have met along the way.

The Fine Bedding Company: This Manchester-based innovator has woven sustainability and environmental care into every fibre of their bedding products. Beyond just business, they are leading the charge in eco-consciousness in their industry.

Mrs Darlington: From Crewe, Mrs Darlington’s brings the authentic taste of home to tables across the nation with their jams, pickles, curds, and especially, the world-famous Lemon Curd. Their success is a testament to the time-honoured traditions and recipes passed down through generations.

HG Stephensons Ltd: A remarkable story of endurance and adaptability, this 5th-generation catering supplies wholesaler from Stockport is the epitome of dedication to quality and service.

Robinsons Brewery: With a legacy spanning over two centuries, this Cheshire-based brewery has not just crafted exceptional beverages, they’ve brewed a rich tapestry of history and tradition in the process.

Lasercutit: Based in Wilmslow, this dynamic second-generation business of mum and daughters demonstrates the versatility of family enterprises, manufacturing everything from stencils for helipads to the showpieces seen on high-end catwalks.

Galloways Printers: From Poynton, their legacy in printing is unparalleled, demonstrating over 150 years of excellence, dedication to their craft and innovation utilising state of the art technology.

William Whiteley & Sons: 12 generations deep, this Sheffield-based manufacturer of scissors is a purveyor of mastery and precision, crafting tools that are as much a work of art as they are functional.

These are but a few of the countless family businesses that make the North of England such a vibrant, diverse, and rich region. Gorvins is honoured to reaffirm our commitment to serving these pillars of the economy, ensuring they continue to thrive and shape our communities for generations to come.

To all family businesses across the UK, here’s to the heritage, the legacy, and the future you’re building. Happy National Family Business Day 2023!

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