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  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 9.6.16

    More People Can Challenge a Will as Man Brings a ...

    The Court of Appeal has made a new ruling that could allow a wider variety of people to bring a dispute claim against a Will to challenge its validity.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 31.5.16

    Guide to Handle Nuisance Neighbours

    In the past year alone, around 25% of homeowners and renters have had to deal with an annoying neighbour. Most people don’t know how to deal with this.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 26.5.16

    20% of Landlords failing on Gas Safety

    Danielle Clements, Dispute Resolution expert discusses new statistics that 20% of landlords are failing on gas safety, and what the law on this is.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 12.5.16

    Seek early advice during a dispute…save £200k in ...

    Sunita Patel, a Dispute Resolution Paralegal discusses the benefits of seeking legal advice early, and how this can reduce your legal fees.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 13.4.16

    An Old Tenancy Agreement is a Dispute Waiting to ...

    In the last two years, 13% of landlords have experienced a dispute which has arisen specifically from a rental contract with a tenant.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 5.4.16

    Tenants vs Landlords – can a new landlord ...

    We have received a number of calls from both tenants and landlords enquiring about the rights surrounding a tenancy.

  • Wills, Trusts & Probate

    Posted 1.3.16

    Avoid A Feuding Family Dispute Over Property

    The huge housing bubble, including sky-high rental payments, is pricing many younger people and those striving to get on the ladder out of the market.

  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 16.2.16

    Disputed Probate Case as Family Battles over ...

    A fascinating case recently came to light concerning two brothers and a certain ‘suspicious’ Will made by their elderly mother.

  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 11.2.16

    Can I Challenge an Unfair Will?

    If you wish to contest a will there must be a valid reason behind your challenge. Just thinking you should have got a bit more or that a certain item was promised to you isn’t a valid reason to contest.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 6.11.15

    Parking Charges – Supreme Court dismisses parking ...

    On Wednesday 4th November the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, handed down its verdict in the landmark case of Beavis Vs Parking Eye.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 30.10.15

    What is Professional Negligence?

    Professional negligence occurs when a qualified, professional individual does not perform their responsibilities adequately or fails to perform their duties to the expected standard.

  • Commercial

    Posted 28.10.15

    Staff to sue – huge data breach at Morrisons

    In March last year, a bitter senior employee Andrew Skelton leaked personal data on almost 100,000 staff online and to various newspapers.

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