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  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 29.11.22

    Why you need to act quickly in claims of Defamation ...

    We receive a lot of enquiries from potential clients who have a complaint regarding something that has been said or written about them.  Often this arises as a result of social media posts or comments in a book or magazine/newspaper.  The comments might be made about an individual or be made about how they conduct their business.

  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 4.5.22

    The Fact-Specific Nature of the Inheritance Act ...

    When it comes to matters of inheritance, matters can quickly become complicated when there is a dispute......

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 6.12.21

    The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill – ...

    On the 9th of November, the government introduced the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill before parliament.

  • Debt Recovery

    Posted 11.3.19

    A Guide to Recovering Debt Owed to Your Business

    Recovering a debt owed to you quickly and efficiently is crucial to the effective management and operation of your business.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 10.1.18

    How to Solve Problems With Your New Build Home

    We explain the steps you should take when you discover problems with your new build home. Including warranties, snagging surveys and possible legal action.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 31.8.17

    Am I entitled to a Refund or Exchange?

    Knowing your consumer rights gives you the confidence to know where you stand when it comes to getting a refund or exchange under the Consumer Rights Act.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 11.8.17

    The Bitter Rows over Boundaries

    Boundaries and property disputes are the single biggest cause of neighbour fallouts in the UK. Property expert Danielle Clements explains all

  • Family Law

    Posted 8.5.17

    Should Civil Partnerships Be An Option For Everyone?

    A recent survey has shown many believe civil partnerships should be an option for opposite sex couples as well as same sex couples.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 26.4.17

    Rise In Drones Leading to Neighbour Disputes

    A rise in the sales of drones, prompted by wider availability and cheaper prices has seen a rise in reported drone incidents and neighbour disputes.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 23.3.17

    How to Handle a Boundary Dispute

    Boundary Disputes are common, we give you our advice on the best way to deal with these stressful and potentially costly disagreements.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 17.3.17

    The Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

    IP is a complex topic, We break down the fundamentals of what you need to know from definition to protection to infringement.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 28.2.17

    Libel Online – Defamation on Social Media

    Social Media allows us to share our opinions all too easily, but where is the line and when does opinion become libel?

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 13.2.17

    Draw Backs of Surveillance Gadgets

    Our Dispute Resolution team highlight the potential ways this Christmas's most popular surveillance gadgets could land you in trouble

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 23.8.16

    Top 5 common neighbour disputes and how to handle ...

    Advice from expert dispute solicitor Danielle Clements on the top 5 common neighbour disputes and the action you should take to resolve them.

  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 28.7.16

    The Top 10 Famous Will Disputes

    Read about the top 10 Will Disputes amongst the rich and famous of the world featuring Michael Jackson, Asia's richest woman and the L'Oreal heiress.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 6.7.16

    Biggest Changes in Consumer Insurance Contract Law ...

    Mark Deverell, Head of Dispute Resolution at Gorvins discusses the impact of the changes to consumer insurance under the Insurance Act 2015

  • Will & Estate Disputes

    Posted 29.6.16

    When and Who Can Challenge a Will?

    When can you challenge a will? That was the question put before the Courts in a recent case brought by Mr Randall against his former mother-in-law’s estate.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 22.6.16

    Private & Confidential: Don’t Take Client ...

    An ex-employee has been prosecuted and fined after taking confidential client information to a rival firm without the permission of his former employers.

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