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  • Family Law

    Posted 1.12.16

    Marrying Abroad – The Pitfalls

    One in four couples are now marrying abroad, Matrimonial Law expert Emily Crick advises on the potential pitfalls couples may face.

  • Family Law

    Posted 7.11.16

    Debts on divorce – who pays?

    Family Law Solicitor Emily Crick discusses what happens with accrued debts during the divorce process and how the Court decides 'fairness.'

  • Family Law

    Posted 30.10.16

    Asset division in divorce: who gets what?

    Family Law solicitor Emily Crick discusses asset division in divorce; who gets what, who decides overall who gets what and how you can reach agreement.

  • Family Law

    Posted 28.9.16

    Should you pre-nup your parenting?

    Emily Crick solicitor in Family Law discusses a new development in contractual agreements for childcare, and whether you need to have one in place.

  • Family Law

    Posted 1.9.16

    Can your holiday ruin your marriage?

    Family law solicitor Linzi Perriman discusses how a holiday can put extra strain on your marriage. Speak to the Family Legal team at Gorvins for advice.

  • Family Law

    Posted 22.7.16

    More money than you can Sheikh a stick at

    Family Solicitor Nicola Fraser discusses the huge divorce settlement of a Saudi Arabian billionaire resolved in the London Court.

  • Police Law

    Posted 7.7.16

    Divorce Centres Feeling The Strain

    This time last year Bury St Edmunds Divorce Centre was created to centralise the divorce process. It would become the single divorce centre for London and the South East.

  • Family Law

    Posted 1.6.16

    Are ‘Divorce Mortgages’ a thing of the future?

    It seems that lenders are finally recognising the statistics and are considering bringing a new product to market before 2017 called a ‘divorce mortgage’.

  • Family Law

    Posted 27.4.16

    About time for no-fault divorce

    No-fault divorce is a divorce where the dissolution of the marriage does not require one party to show the wrongdoing of the other party.

  • Family Law

    Posted 18.3.16

    Divorce Petition Fee Hike

    The Ministry of Justice has reported today there will be a 34% increase in divorce fees as of Monday ...

  • Family Law

    Posted 9.2.16

    Is Bird’s Nest Parenting The Way Forward?

    “Bird’s nest parenting” is a shared care arrangement which is increasingly being adopted by separating parents going through divorce.

  • Family Law

    Posted 22.12.15

    Form E Financial Blunder

    Software glitch with the Ministry of Justice Financial Statement could have wide-reaching ramifications.

  • Family Law

    Posted 30.11.15

    Divorce in Slight Decline as more People Cohabit

    The decline in divorce is in line with a fall in the number of marriages, so it would appear more people are choosing to cohabit rather than marry.

  • Commercial

    Posted 21.10.15

    Victory for the old wives club

    The courts have overturned two divorce settlements recently but is it reason to get excited?

  • Family Law

    Posted 8.10.15

    Is matrimonial revenge a dish best served cold?

    Last night saw more than eight million of us tuning in to the climactic ending of Mike Barlett’s five-part domestic drama ‘Doctor Foster’.

  • Family Law

    Posted 7.9.15

    Getting married again? Ensure all divorce matters ...

    In a study of 1,000 UK adults by Gorvins Solicitors, 36% said that divorce had become easier, with 50% of over 55s in agreement.

  • Family Law

    Posted 11.8.15

    A relationship breakdown, a wooden spoon and a ...

    Last week, a divorcing wife who achieved a ‘final’ financial settlement order giving her approximately £157,800...

  • Family Law

    Posted 2.7.15

    Can you have an amicable divorce? Bennifer to lead ...

    After ten years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, nicknamed ‘Bennifer’, made public their impending divorce

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