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  • Family Law

    Posted 11.7.24

    Parenting disputes in the summer holidays

    As the summer holidays approach, sorting out the arrangements for children can easily become a juggling act.

  • Family Law

    Posted 7.12.23

    Child contact arrangements this Christmas – What ...

    Many families across England and Wales find themselves juggling the joy of the holidays with the intricacies of family law. For those navigating Christmas contact arrangements, understanding your rights and responsibilities is crucial to ensure a harmonious celebration for all involved.

  • Family Law

    Posted 24.10.23

    Occupation Orders- Can I get my ex out of the house?

    An Occupation Order is an order made by the court to deal with the family home. It’s a very serious type of order and is only usually granted in very serious circumstances. This type of order can be used to:

  • Family Law

    Posted 24.10.23

    Child Maintenance – how is it calculated and ...

    The Child Maintenance Service has provided the baseline method for calculating child maintenance across the last 3 decades but it does have significant limitations.

  • Family Law

    Posted 24.10.23

    Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas- What is habitual ...

    The media is looking into the personal lives of actress Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas as their explosive divorce hit the headlines recently. One question which has been raised has been where their two young children will live.

  • Family Law

    Posted 24.10.23

    Ironclad pre-nups- are they worth the paper ...

    A pre-nuptial agreement is a helpful tool in determining what should happen in the event of a divorce in the UK but it does not hold the same weight as it would in America.

  • Family Law

    Posted 3.3.22

    No-fault divorce a step forward? More like 2 steps ...

    Just when you think that legislation is catching up with the 21st century, we get news that a 5-month delay has been built into the new ‘no-fault’ divorce process. This new divorce process is due to go live on the 6th of April 2022, and there was hope that it would provide a new way for intelligent human beings to get divorced without character assassination and unnecessary delays. The newly introduced 5-month wait has dashed those hopes regarding delay.

  • Family Law

    Posted 24.11.21

    The “Strictly Curse” – Divorce ...

    Infidelity does of course blight many marriages but you would probably be surprised at what the law says about it.

  • Family Law

    Posted 21.9.21

    Cryptocurrency – It’s treatment on ...

    Cryptocurrency is becoming progressively mainstream and Family lawyers are seeing an increasing number of divorce cases where it features as a matrimonial asset.

  • Family Law

    Posted 7.6.19

    Do you need a Prenup for your Pet?

    When getting divorced who gets the family pet?

  • Family Law

    Posted 14.2.19

    Is Valentine’s day bad for your marriage?

    At Gorvins we have seen Divorce inquiries almost double on February 14th in previous years.

  • Family Law

    Posted 4.1.19

    Family law does not need lawyers?

    Philip Kedge, a former police officer has stated that family law ‘does not need lawyers’.

  • Family Law

    Posted 25.7.18

    Owens v Owens Supreme Court Case

    Does the Owens v Owens case raise a claim for a reform in Divorce law?

  • Family Law

    Posted 20.6.18

    The World Cup and Domestic Violence

    On average, domestic abuse rises during World Cup season in the UK.

  • Family Law

    Posted 29.3.18

    Teamwork makes the (financial) dream work?

    An increasing amount of women and men are splitting from partners because of finances.

  • Family Law

    Posted 20.3.18

    If a Split is amicable, is legal advice necessary?

    It is always sensible in order to fully understand your rights and responsibilities when relating to child arrangements.

  • Family Law

    Posted 28.2.18

    In Divorce, who gets Child Custody?

    Parents need to work jointly for the benefit of their children to arrive at arrangements that are best for the child rather than for themselves.

  • Family Law

    Posted 21.2.18

    Relationships Can Be a Real Payne

    Kerry Russell explains how although they aren't married, Cheryl and Liam are still bringing in divorce lawyers to handle their split.

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