It’s the school holidays and the sun is shining, isn’t this the best time to pull a sickie? Absenteeism is growing for companies at this time of year.

According to a report on the radio this week last Friday was the most likely day for employees to call in sick. However top employment lawyer warns that employees who pull a sickie to stay at home during the warm weather and to look after kids on their school holidays may get caught out on social media.

Danielle Ayres states she has been made increasingly aware of employers who have discovered fake absenteeism during this time of the year.

“Social media is the classic trap for those who call in sick under false pretences. So if bosses already suspect a false claim of absenteeism then social media may provide them with the evidence they need if the employee posts photos of them enjoying themselves in the sun on their ‘day off’.

Danielle suggests that employers could pre-empt the problem with forward planning around key weeks of the year.

“Rather than dealing with the fall-out from unexpected absenteeism, employers could save a great deal of money and a huge amount of disruption by taking a pre-emptive approach to accommodate staff. This could include sending memos to staff advising of options to take holiday or unpaid leave.”

Danielle added that some bosses may consider offering flexible work schedules, to allow parents to juggle the strain posed by school holidays.

Her views are echoed by ACAS who suggested that employers have agreements about absenteeism during this time of the year.

Added Danielle: “Obviously not all places of work are suited to accommodating staff absence, but if employers make the first move in offering flexibility and leniency – it could end up saving their firms a lot of money and inconvenience.”

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