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Nicola McInnes, Head of Family Law, has been featured in the Daily Express providing expert comment for their article on how divorcing couples are pushing the definition of “unreasonable behaviour” to the limit.

Nicola speaks about how the goal posts have moved regarding what constitutes unreasonable behaviour as grounds for divorce, following a study by Gorvins revealing how couples are citing increasingly unexpected reasons.

Nicola McInnes said:

“What we’re finding now is that this umbrella term is being used to cover a whole range of often unexpected reasons for divorce.”

“One pattern which seems to be emerging is that a change in lifestyle by one party triggers disgruntlement in the other.”

“So we’re hearing from a lot of clients about the fact their partner has become a fanatical cyclist or has started going to the gym every day, being fussy about food – maybe becoming vegetarian or giving up dairy and gluten – seems to be another aggravating factor.”

You can read the full article, along with the top 15 reasons for ‘unreasonable behaviour’ here: