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Danielle Clements, Senior Property Litigation Solicitor has, this week, spoken to The Daily Mail concerning leasehold houses and ground rent in light of the recent leasehold mis-selling scandal that has plagued the UK and thousands of homeowners over recent weeks.

Commenting in the piece Danielle explains “as well as escalating ground rent there is the fear of unexpected maintenance costs particularly in flats, apartments and services properties where a management agent looks after the upkeep of common areas.”

“In leasehold flats which are usually on shorter leases, in addition to ground rent, you will need to pay a service charge and potentially insurance rent.”

” A key point to remember is that as a leaseholder, you have to ask the freeholder’s permission if you want to make changes to the property, such as installing new windows or adding a conservatory something which can cost as much as £2,500. Above all go over the lease before exchanging contracts and make sure you get the right legal advice.”

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