June 27th marks national Armed Forces Day. There are currently 157,000 Regular troops and a further 30,000 Volunteer Reserve personnel in the Armed Forces, all of whom deserve respect. This Saturday is a day to doff our hats and pay these respects to the brilliant job the armed forces do across the entire world; showing support for all the men, women, serving troops, veterans, cadets and their families who all help to make the forces what they are.

The UK Armed Forces defend the country and its interest, helping to promote peace, deliver aid, provide security and tackle terrorism. Showing support provides a valued morale boost for troops and families alike who are often battling difficult circumstances.

These difficult and unique circumstances can put extreme pressure on relationships, sometimes leading to breakdowns. The resulting situation is often upsetting, stressful and upsetting. For that reason it is important to speak to a specialist divorce solicitor to make the whole process as hassle and jargon free as possible.

If a relationship does breakdown and a divorce is the final outcome, all parties want this process to be over as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is where a specialist solicitors is needed.

How are Military Divorces different?

A Military Divorce follows the same legal process as a civilian divorce, however, due to their nature can often be more complex. There are a few differences which mean consulting a specialist solicitor is key. Such issues include the military pension system which means that military divorces can be more complicated than those of civilians. There are other complexities such as military accommodation, boarding school allowance and minimum parental contribution for school costs.

Expert Help at Hand

Gorvins can offer the specialist team with the subsequent expert advice that is necessary to make this challenging situation as easy and manageable as it can be. Our family team contains dedicated solicitors with the right levels of understanding and empathy to help you during this process. We encourage and promote an honest communication between ourselves and our clients to ensure that we reach a solution which is favourable for all involved.

We can assist and guide couples through a range of legal situations they may face, from pre-nuptial agreements to financial settlements to organising arrangements for the children. We try wherever possible to settle disputes outside of court proceedings. Every member of our Family and Matrimonial team as a member of an organisation called Resolute, which promote the settlement of disputes via negotiation. This is more cost-effective, less time-consuming and helps to considerably reduce hostility.

If you want to speak to one of our specialist military divorce lawyers please contact us on 0161 930 5151. You can also contact us via email at enquires@gorvins.com.

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