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"Employment tribunal help
I was referred to David Rogers at Gorvins when I was stuck for someone to go over my paperwork for my preliminary hearing. I had already paid another law firm quite a bit of money, but the judge contradicted everything that this lawyer had advised. As a result I got in touch with David who took on my case and we managed to reach a settlement prior to the Preliminary hearing. I would highly recommend David and Gorvins as it felt like a weight had been lifted handing this to seasoned professionals and it took the stress out of the process."

8th June 2023

"Great Service.
I can rely on Gorvins to be responsive, caring and always act in my best interest. I highly recommend them for a swift resolution."

8th June 2023

"I had an unfortunate experience when my career came to an end. Natalia Frize, an Associate Solicitor in Employment at Gorvins LLP, guided me through a variety of legal options, which ultimately led to a settlement agreement with my former employer, which Ms Frize managed well for me."

5th June 2023

"Amazing Service!
I have an unseen disability and felt that I was discriminated against at work I did everything correct and did not breach any law or policy. The way I was treated by my employer made me feel very depressed and extremely anxious and I do not cope very well with any type of conflict.
I really needed some legal advice; I was becoming overwhelmed and needed someone just to take over and understand that I needed to feel safe and not judged.
I have no legal experience and I have never been in this position before or have I ever used a legal service.
I did my research, I looked at reviews and discovered Gorvins!
I was contacted by Amanda Isherwood - Senior Associate and that initial phone call I will never forget, the instant relief I was listened too, and my journey began.
Amanda was patient with my fast talking, I often will go off subject and was on occasions depressed, I would make random decisions without any consultation and Amada worked around how I am as person with my unseen disability.
Amanda was very professional with a good level of emotional intelligence, communicated effectively, knowledgeable, and very focused whilst making me feel valued ensuring that all costs and possible outcomes with risks were discussed and understood.
I got a positive outcome for injury to feeling and have no regrets paying for the service, I will never forget the feeling of justice!
I would also like to thank Lea Mansfield – Secretary who also was lovely and supportive especially dealing with my anxieties via email or phone calls.
Thank you, Amanda, Gorvins have definitely made the right decision with employing you, and if you ever require and educational talk on unseen disabilities for you and your colleagues please contact me."

12th May 2023

"I recently acquired the services of Gorvins solicitors (through recommendation from friends) to help with negotiations on my redundancy settlement agreement. Solicitor David Rogers was my representative. David was excellent all throughout the negotiation process, providing me with the right guidance and intel to make the correct decisions. The negotiations were challenging as my employers were based in Belgium but David dealt with the communications professionally in a concise and clear manner with solid evidence to back up the case. He was very attentive to detail and illustrated that he could adapt easily to negotiations with employers of differing work culture, language and employment law understanding. I was able to build a trusting relationship with David right from the start. He is very approachable, explained things in detail, gave you space to think about his suggestions and always got back to me in a timely manner. I would highly recommend David to any future client.


Bhavna Mistry

"From the initial call Matthew instilled a great degree of confidence in his ability to deliver a fair compensatory award in my settlement agreement.
Taking on a PLC didn't phase him in the slightest, even negotiating an increase in employer contribution to ensure I wasn't left out of pocket.
Matthew was responsive, diligent and tenacious in his approach whilst handling my grievances with compassion and empathy. A true professional that will go far in his field.

Mrs. H

"I would not consider using any other firm than Gorvins. I use Gorvins for all my employment needs for my business and after having dealt with other firms, no one can meet up to the level of service offered by David and the team at Gorvins. David uniquely combines excellent legal advice with commercial pragmatism."

Mr. Peter Sherliker, HR Director from Tetrad Limited

"I received very prompt and efficient service that met my needs exactly; thank you."

Mrs. G from Manchester

"Gorvins were extremely helpful and kind. Their advice were invaluable and clear at all times on my employment issue."

Mrs. Susan Oldham from Manchester

"The employment law team were excellent, approachable and had a full understanding of our situation as cancer patients and carers. They knew the answers immediately and made every effort to find out where we stood in relation to our employers. Too many lawyers put commercial gain before clients but Gorvins didn’t; they acted in our best interests and this is why we recommend Gorvins to everyone we know."

Jane Dashwood from Manchester

"Gorvins provided me with the help, advice and support during a very difficult time. Their friendly and professional approach was perfect for my situation. I am so pleased we found Gorvins to guide us through it."

Mr. Stephen Walker from Stockport

"I have never had to instruct a lawyer before but Gorvins provided me with a truly great service. They were thoughtful, generous and calm with great advice during a stressful situation."

Mrs. Lesley Greave from Stockport

"The employment team at Gorvins demonstrated excellent experience and tact in helping me with my situation. They were adept at summing up my options and offering advice about the impact those options might have."

Mr. Andrew Howgego from Bramhall