Pregnancy and Maternity rights

When employees discover they are expecting a child, they often have questions which run through their minds: How will my employer react? Will my job be safe? What pay and benefits am I entitled to whilst on maternity leave? How long am I legally allowed to take off work?

Danielle Ayres, our specialist Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Solicitor, understands how stressful it can be when you are faced with a difficult situation at work during pregnancy, whilst on maternity leave or on your return to work.

As a mum herself, she will be able relate to your situation and help you to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Through experience, we know that there are many issues that can arise with employers in this area and more often than not many individuals are unaware of their rights. Common situations that expectant or new mothers face include:

  • Discrimination/unfavourable treatment as a result of their pregnancy, a pregnancy-related illness whilst on/after they return from maternity leave;
  • Problems when asking to return part-time or on a flexible working basis;
  • Their position being made redundant whilst they are on maternity leave, or on their return to work;
  • Being dismissed after they return to work or
  • Being presented with a Settlement Agreement.

Whatever your situation, Danielle can offer sympathetic and specialist legal advice.

Employment Law Surgery

Danielle’s FREE employment law surgery gives you chance to discuss Pregnancy and Maternity issues you are experiencing at work or for her to answer any family-friendly rights related questions.
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