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  • Corporate Law

    Posted 16.8.22

    Access to personal data – Do you have a valid ...

    By law, we have some level of control over how companies use our data and have measures at our disposal to request they delete the data they hold.

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 24.11.21

    Welcome court verdict on “trivial” data ...

    People are becoming increasingly aware of the rights they have in respect to how organisations use and collect their data.

  • Commercial

    Posted 12.8.19

    GDPR – update

    Read our blog for a quick recap and to understand what has actually changed since the regulation came into effect last year?

  • Corporate Law

    Posted 10.8.17

    Successful Data Request from UK Court

    A judge’s confidential notes have been disclosed under UK data laws in what is believed to be the first successful data request from a courtroom

  • Commercial

    Posted 13.6.17

    GDPR: Top 5 Tips for Staff Training

    Staff training on GDPR is essential to reduce data breaches caused by human error. Christian Mancier gives his top 5 tips on how to train staff effectively.

  • Commercial

    Posted 28.10.15

    Staff to sue – huge data breach at Morrisons

    More than 2,000 current and ex-employees of Morrisons are set to sue the company after huge internal breach...