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  • Commercial Property

    Posted 13.11.23

    Compulsory Purchase Orders: Safeguarding Your ...

    A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) is a legal function exercised by various authorities in the UK to acquire land or property without the consent of the owner, for public benefit or development projects.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 14.9.23

    What to Consider When Purchasing Your First ...

    When it comes to the world of property, diving into the commercial sector can be a lucrative investment of your capital. Like any investment though, there is an element of risk. Before signing contracts and putting your valuable resources on the line, it’s important to be diligent and to know exactly what you’re getting into.   

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 9.8.23

    Tenant top tips: Commercial Leases

    In this short blog, we outline what you need to know as a tenant signing a commercial lease. Get the information you need to start your business out the right way.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 14.8.17

    Trends Defining the Future of the Workplace

    Trends in the workplace are changing, advances in technology are allowing companies to move towards a more dynamic and flexible working environment.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 13.7.16

    UK Commercial Property Market Post-Brexit

    For the past few years, the commercial property arena has been blossoming after it experienced a bout of dieback during the recession of 2007.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 29.3.16

    Manchester: The New Stronghold for Property Investors

    Manchester is quickly becoming the place for property investors looking to capitalise on the city’s bulging economy and almost perfect conditions for investment.

  • Commercial

    Posted 24.2.16

    Does Manchester need the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ ...

    The Northern Powerhouse has been back in the news this week in anticipation of a few upcoming, and eagerly anticipated, reports and an international Northern Powerhouse conference in a couple of days.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 11.12.15

    M&S vs BNP Paribas: Landmark Commercial ...

    Marks and Spencer lost its appeal against former landlord BNP Paribas in a landmark break clause case that was referred all the way to the Supreme Court.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 8.12.15

    Getting to Know our New Commercial Property Partner ...

    Take a little look into the world of our latest Commercial Property Partner Claire Beaumont.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 13.11.15

    Assessing the costs when purchasing a Commercial ...

    According to the British Property Federation, the total value of commercial property is worth £683 billion with the majority of buildings being used for offices, retail, leisure and industrial usage.

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