There are many preconceptions and associations surrounding Cheshire, fuelled by its growing popularity over recent years. Pictured in the media as an area full of Multi-Million pound gated properties, and playground to wealthy premiership Footballers, soap stars and actors there is more to be discovered in Cheshire. Although it is true that the area is filled with more millionaires and well-to-do families than any other area outside of London, Cheshire also boasts a diverse collection of properties for those who don’t have a millionaire’s budget.

Many are drawn to Cheshire by its unmistakeable charm. Home to towns close to the sea and also to towns where inner city commuters can make their way easily to Manchester, Liverpool and Stoke; Cheshire offers itself as a place where there is something for everyone to choose from. Airports, railways and motorways are all a stone’s throw away and the schools and colleges are amongst some of the best in the country. Its residential areas are surrounded by beautiful backdrops. The Edge, in particular, which is owned by the National Trust, offers unique views across Cheshire and the Peak District. Venture into its towns and villages and you will discover rows of traditional shops and markets to explore.

Prestbury is one of the most coveted locations, rich in beautiful countryside and full of wonderful boutiques and sporting attractions including cricket clubs and a golf course. Alderley Edge serves to some of the North West’s rich and famous, however is surprisingly family centric with an array of amenities to suit its younger residents. Located in a river valley, there is also Congleton, which boasts rare features such as Priestly Fields and attractive sites including the Congleton Museum that showcases their industrial heritage.

Cheshire is undeniably one of the North West’s most desirable places to live, with its thriving economies, feature properties as well as modern housing and bounds of stunning countryside.

You will be challenged to find someone who repudiates Cheshire as sound investment for property. The housing market has continued to grow, with developments sprouting up over many of its towns. A place that young professionals, growing families and retirees will enjoy, Cheshire is really a place to stay for life.

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