If you need any fresh documentation, then we will produce material according to the particular needs of your sector, organisation or workforce.

When you sign up for Pathfinder we will look at your existing HR documentation and advise on whether your employment contracts, policies and procedures, and staff handbook need to be reviewed and updated.

If they do, we will make changes to ensure that your documentation is not only legally compliant but that the policies and procedures contained in it are practical and workable in your business.

This may mean a complete re-draft, however, in many cases, it will simply be a few tweaks; but regardless of the extent of any changes, every set of documentation we write or amend is bespoke – you won’t just be given a standard suite of ‘off-the-shelf’ documents.

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Legal matters our HR Support experts can help your business with

  • Day to Day HR Advice

    The core provision of employment law support and advice, delivered how you want it to be, whether on the phone...

  • Employment Documentation

    With our HR and Employment Law support product we can review and amend any existing employment documentation...

  • Insurance

    In the event that you prefer to have the safety net of insurance cover for any claims that arise...

  • Training

    We offer all our Pathfinder clients access to our current programme of legal updates and education...

  • Tribunal Support

    In the event that your organisation is faced with an Employment Tribunal claim our experienced team...

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