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There is a popular belief that couples who live together are ‘common law’ husband and wife, but in reality, this legal status doesn’t exist. Cohabitation, living together without being married, is now a very popular arrangement with couples across the UK.

Unlike marriage and a civil partnership, cohabitation is not legislated for. This means that if the cohabitees happen to be homeowners or joint parents, only general laws that relate to these issues can be applied. If you have assets or own property prior to your relationship you might want to think about how these will be dealt with if your relationship breaks down.

A cohabitation agreement enables you to make arrangements and clearly sets out where you stand legally if things don’t go quite to plan. Our expert and experienced family solicitors have dealt with police forces for a number of decades, meaning they understand and have the knowledge to be able to deal with your issue sensitively and in the best way possible.

Our relationship over the years with police officers and police federation members means that we are a trusted law firm.

If you’re a member of the police and you’re looking for support with setting up a cohabitation agreement or settling a dispute, contact Gorvins today and our expert solicitors will help you find the best solution.

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  • I found Miss Fraser to be a super solicitor for me. She was very realistic... ...Graham Swain, Lancashire Police

  • Kerry made me feel valued as a client, always returned my calls and... ...Detective Constable, Nottinghamshire Police

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