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  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 6.9.23

    What happens when you sign a corporate contract ...

    When you're a part of an organisation, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep the ship sailing smoothly. Contracts and  Agreements form the bedrock of most corporate relationships. But what happens when someone signs a contract without proper internal authorisation? It's an occurrence that happens more often than you'd think. %

  • Debt Recovery

    Posted 11.3.19

    A Guide to Recovering Debt Owed to Your Business

    Recovering a debt owed to you quickly and efficiently is crucial to the effective management and operation of your business.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 17.3.17

    The Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

    IP is a complex topic, We break down the fundamentals of what you need to know from definition to protection to infringement.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 6.7.16

    Biggest Changes in Consumer Insurance Contract Law ...

    Mark Deverell, Head of Dispute Resolution at Gorvins discusses the impact of the changes to consumer insurance under the Insurance Act 2015

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 22.6.16

    Private & Confidential: Don’t Take Client ...

    An ex-employee has been prosecuted and fined after taking confidential client information to a rival firm without the permission of his former employers.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 12.2.16

    Landlords to Face Fines for Mishandling Tenants ...

    A new report carried out by the Centre of Economic Business Research (Cebr), has recently revealed that around 300,000 landlords are facing fines.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 30.10.15

    What is Professional Negligence?

    Professional negligence occurs when a qualified, professional individual does not perform their responsibilities adequately or fails to perform their duties to the expected standard.

  • Commercial Dispute Resolution

    Posted 6.10.15

    Directors Warning: New Disqualification and ...

    The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, which received Royal Assent on March 2015...

  • Dispute Resolution

    Posted 6.11.14

    High Speed Rail: Progress at a cost

    Sunita Patel discusses the recent HS2 rail developments which has caused some controversy, and what to do if you think you are affected legally.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 17.7.14

    Court of Appeal emphasises the need for litigation ...

    Mark Deverell, Head of Dispute Resolution discusses the Court of Appeal emphasis that commercial litigation needs to work for SME''s.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 17.2.14

    Commercial landlords, are you ready for CRAR and ...

    The Government’s new Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery legislation is to take effect on 6th April 2014. 

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 2.7.12

    Plaiting and Nailing …

    Adjudicators now have jurisdiction to resolve disputes in relation to all construction contracts regardless of whether or not such contracts are evidenced in writing.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 29.6.12

    Great news for SMEs on mis-sold interest rate swaps

    Following today’s announcement, SME’s can now seek compensation and at Gorvins we are working with clients to assist in getting a refund.

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