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  • Residential Property

    Posted 3.8.23

    Is 2023 a good time to invest in property?

    For a long time, it’s been the received wisdom that investing capital into property is safe, profitable and financially astute. But does that still ring true in turbulent economic times where there are questions over the stability of the property market and rising interest rates?

  • Residential Property

    Posted 15.9.16

    Predicaments for first time buyers

    First time buyers have been presented with predicament with less choice in mortgages and rising property prices.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 6.9.16

    Top performing schools attract top house prices

    Top-performing schools attract top house prices, you could be faced with paying a premium if trying to purchase a house in these areas.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Posted 5.4.16

    Tenants vs Landlords – can a new landlord ...

    We have received a number of calls from both tenants and landlords enquiring about the rights surrounding a tenancy.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 29.3.16

    Manchester: The New Stronghold for Property Investors

    Manchester is quickly becoming the place for property investors looking to capitalise on the city’s bulging economy and almost perfect conditions for investment.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 3.3.16

    Is Student Property the new way forward for ...

    Almost all of you will have heard about the changes set to cause a ruckus in the Buy-to-Let market. There are two main changes; one which has already happened and the other which is to happen on 1st April 2016.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 22.1.16

    Is it possible to buy a home in modern UK?

    The latest ONS figures released this week show the relentless rise in house prices are not showing any sign of let up.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 2.12.15

    Help to Buy ISA Comes Into Force

    From the 1st December 2015, first-time buyers will be able to utilise the brand new Help-to-Buy ISA scheme.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 2.11.15

    Rapid Rise in Remortgages

    Autumn has seen a large rise in the number of remortgage loans in the past month...

  • Residential Property

    Posted 13.10.15

    Could being a pregnant woman stop you getting a ...

    It has come to light that in the last decade, almost one in 10 young women who have applied for a mortgage have been denied because they were pregnant.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 30.9.15

    Make your move now and be in by Christmas

    If you are intending to sell up but haven’t put your home on the market, now is certainly the time.

  • Commercial Property

    Posted 20.8.15

    Is it legal to let out my property on Airbnb?

    Airbnb is one of the most popular online platforms offering you a simple way to rent out your space ...

  • Residential Property

    Posted 17.6.15

    Buy to Let: The Expanding Market

    The buy to let market is extremely strong in the UK at the moment and is continuously growing. Read more to learn.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 3.6.15

    Help on Offer for First Time Buyers

    The property market is slowly improving in the UK, despite this; the dilemma for first time buyers still isn’t ...

  • Residential Property

    Posted 27.4.15

    Labour’s plans to help First Time Buyers

    A pressing trend in the run-up to the General Election 2015 is to beat the other party in catering for the younger generations and younger families.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 19.3.15

    Help to Buy ISA and 25% Top-Ups

    As part of 2015 budget announcements, George Osborne, has unveiled plans that are designed to further assist first time buyers.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 17.3.15

    Compensation for couple after conveyancer fails to ...

    It has been recently reported that a couple in the process of purchasing a property in Cumbria, have won a legal case against their conveyancer.

  • Residential Property

    Posted 2.3.15

    Property Value predicted to grow in Manchester City ...

    It has been well documented that the property market in Manchester has soared beyond expectations in recent years...

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