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A case study of a father who wanted to make a will and plan the succession of his estate before he went on holiday. He had a difficult family situation and wanted to make sure his most prized possessions went to the people he wanted to.

After reading our making a will advice article on Mums in the Know, a father was triggered to Act On It. He was recently scheduled to go on holiday with his daughter, but wanted to make sure that should anything happen to him, everything was in place for the transfer of his estate and assets to only the people he wanted to benefit.
Mr Smith (name changed for confidentiality reasons) had been separate from his wife for 15 years, but he was technically still married to her. Despite this, he wanted to ensure that only the people of his choosing inherited his hard-earned possessions; a crucial aspect when it comes to planning the future of your loved ones. He didn’t necessarily want people to inherit his assets by legal default considering he was still ‘married’.

Mr Smith rang us up, made an appointment and came into our offices. His needs were quickly dealt with and he was given total peace of mind.
For some people, making a will just seems like an arduous task which gets put on the to-do list. However, for Mr Smith, who was going on holiday in less than a week, the process was quick, efficient and legally-sound.
This proves how quick and easy making a will can be. Mr Smith left more than satisfied and ready to enjoy his holiday.