Mrs Etherington made a will with a well-known will-writing service provider only to learn they weren’t being entirely truthful with their processes.

When Mrs June Etherington came to Gorvins she was tired of dealing with other companies who aren’t experts in their area.

She had previously made a will with a well-known company who provide will-writing as a side-line to the work they are famous for. After thinking she had made her will with this company, she was shocked to find out that they had outsourced the work to a third party unbeknownst to her.
When she found this out her trust had been diminished. Mrs Etherington was then recommended to Gorvins by her son and a well-known high street bank. Her will was drawn up to an extremely high standard by a dedicated professional.
In regards to our Act On It campaign, Mrs Etherington said she believes it to be highly important, ensuring that making a will with someone who knows what they are doing takes the worry out of everything and gives the client total piece of mind.

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