Mr & Mrs Y made mirror wills after a series of serious illnesses within the family made them think about the future.

Mr & Mrs Y came into Gorvins to make mirror wills after Mr Y had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years previously. They were triggered into finally making a will when their adult daughter was found to have a brain aneurism.

It was an especially difficult time for the family and it made them debate and contemplate their future. As a result they decided to act on it to make sure their children would be OK in the future and fully benefit from their parents’ estate should they both die together.

Both Mr and Mrs Y have vocalised their support of our ‘Act On It’ campaign and stated that they “definitely” should have made a will sooner just in case anything did happen. They are now pushing their daughter to have a will drafted too as she has 3 young children to look after and believe she should plan for the unexpected happening. They state it is “best to have everything in black and white”.

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