Mr & Mrs R decided to both make Lasting Powers of Attorney documents should something unforeseen happen to them in the future.

After feeling like they were getting older, Mr and Mrs R decided to act on it by both making Lasting Power of Attorney documents. An LPA ensures that should something happen to you, which means you are unable to look after your welfare and finances, such as developing dementia or having a serious accident, a trusted person can take over your affairs.
Getting these documents in place now can save thousands and thousands of court fee pounds in the future to get the rights to look after your loved ones affairs. Mr and Mrs R both decided to get the financial LPA and welfare LPA meaning they designated someone to look after both aspects should they not be able to in the future.
They both stated how important they believe our Act On It campaign is, saying more publicity is needed to make people aware of such vital documents and how they can truly help people to plan for their future.

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