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A change in circumstance within the family, after her nephew had a stroke, triggered Mrs Wright to change her will to ensure the right people were looked after.

At the age of 90 and with her will already done, you’d think that the plan for the future had been completed it needn’t be looked at again.
However, when Mrs Wright’s nephew had a stroke it triggered a change in circumstances within the family. After the stroke, her nephew was sadly disabled and unable to fully fend for himself. He currently receives benefits and Mrs Wright realised that if he should receive any monetary benefit from the will, his benefits would stop.
Mrs Wright took the decision to remove her nephew from the will so that he would benefit in the long term. Whilst Mrs Wright was changing her will, she also decided to remove two friends who were set to benefit, but that she didn’t see anymore.
She reiterated the need to plan for the future and try and plan for the unexpected.