Holidaymakers caught in the Monarch Airlines fiasco could face further trauma and major cash losses if they discuss their plight on social media, a leading lawyer has warned.

Online posts from passengers which unintentionally advertise the fact they are away could invalidate home insurance should they get burgled during their absence.

This is because insurers may regard such actions as ‘reckless’ despite the trying circumstances, says Danielle Clements, a disputes resolution specialist at Gorvins Solicitors in Stockport – whose offices are in the same building as Monarch Holidays.

Home Insurance Vulnerability and Social Media Usage

Most insurers request that you take ‘reasonable care’ about home security – and that includes being prudent about flagging up when you are away on holiday. By telling everyone where you are, the inference is that you haven’t taken enough care to protect your home.

Adds Danielle, “It’s understandable for those affected by Monarch who were planning to go away or who are making alternative arrangements to have discussions on the likes of Facebook or Twitter. But in the process, you are advertising the fact that your property is empty which could, in turn, be seen as increasing your risk. And that may nullify your existing insurance. So as well as the upheaval and possible losses incurred because of Monarch going bump, you could face serious financial loss and trauma if your home is burgled as a consequence.”

Advice for Travellers Stranded by Monarch’s Closure

Monarch Airline ceased trading on Monday morning, leaving an estimated 100,000 British tourists stranded abroad.

However, revealing your location may also lead to a payout being refused by an insurer. So Danielle also warns those passengers already abroad against using social media websites and apps which share your location, as well as avoiding the much-used Facebook check-in. Revealing where you are may also lead to a payout being refused by an insurer.

According to data from ADT, the alarm and security systems provider, revealed that 78% of burglars use Facebook and Twitter to target potential properties.

Extended Trips and Insurance Policy Limitations

What’s more, if the Monarch debacle leads to you unexpectedly extending your trip, it’s important to check your insurance too, warns Danielle.

Most policies only offer cover for 4 weeks. If you’re away for more than that and something happens to your property, your claim could be rejected.

“Policyholders need to be aware that social media is playing a real role in insurance coverage – especially in the link-up with break-ins. It would be awful if you’d already been through the upset of changing your plans or losing money over Monarch to find that your home was vulnerable too.”

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